6 Times Steven Tyler Was A Gift To Humanity

6 Times Steven Tyler Was A Gift To Humanity | Society Of Rock Videos

A True Rock God!

Aside from being one of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock, Steven Tyler is also an all-around cool guy. Need proof? Here’s the list:

6. When He Stripped On American Idol

He’s had so many crazy antics and funny moments during his stint as a judge on American Idol. He even ‘returned’ to the show dressed as a woman. So basically, if there’s one word to describe Steven Tyler, it would be UNPREDICTABLE. You just don’t know what would happen next. Take one episode of AI, for example. He suddenly felt like taking a dip in the pool around the stage. So what else is there to do? After he declared “I’m gonna take my clothes off and go swimming,” he started to strip off his clothes and even handed his top to JLo who was obviously surprised and he also threw his pants to Randy Jackson who refused to even hold it. LOL. He even pulled down his underwear for the camera and the view was just obscured by the AI logo. It will really make you say, “I’ve had enough internet for today.”


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