5 Moments That Prove Stevie Ray Vaughan Is Otherworldly

5 Moments That Prove Stevie Ray Vaughan Is Otherworldly | Society Of Rock Videos

He’s Incomparable

You know, we could just say Stevie Ray Vaughan is a guitar god and no one would disagree. He set the bar higher with his playing and while his career was short-lived, there’s more than enough material to give us a glimpse into his greatness. Here are five of his finest performances:

5. “Little Wing”

This is electrifying to say the least. And it perfectly captured the moment Stevie Ray Vaughan was slowly propelled into stardom. The intensity of the performance is almost palpable and we can only imagine how exhilarating it is for the audience. Warning: it’s jaw-dropping. You can’t watch this and not be amazed. Is he for real? It’s like he’s baring his soul here, the total embodiment of music. It’s a work of art – almost like a religious experience. And after he does that whammy dive? That’s pure, unadulterated eargasm. Perhaps one of the best things about this is he made this as his own – he may have emulated Jimi Hendrix’s style but he added his own flavor to it. If anything, it’s the perfect proof of his musicality. You can only describe those phrases as emotionally expressive. The blazing vibrato, licks and bends are simply out of this world. It’s hands-down flawless.


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