10 Absolutely Insane Rock Conspiracy Theories Guaranteed To Keep You Up At Night


3. Keith Richards Went To Extreme Measures To Kick His Heroin Habit

Yui Mok / PA Images via Getty Images

What do you do when you’re faced with endless questions as to how you kicked a drug habit that would kill mortal men? You do what Keith Richards did – make up an explanation so outrageous, it takes on a life of its own as one of rock’s favorite conspiracy theories. Sick of answering the question as to how he got clean so many times, Richards cheekily revealed that he’d had his blood replaced to kick his heroin habit; clearly, it was so convincing that it’s stuck after all these years!

4. John Lennon’s Murder Was Part Of An Elaborate Government Plot

(L) Vinnie Zuffante / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images, (R) Katelyn Stoll / YouTube

For the last 37 years, conspiracy theorists have had a field day with the theory that John Lennon’s killer, Mark David Chapman, was programmed by the CIA as part of an elaborate plan to murder the ex-Beatle. While it makes for a great story, it’s not true – Chapman was just a terrible person.




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